Sunday, April 7, 2013

Of uniforms and costumes...

I have rambled about female superheroes' costumes in the past. Then I stumbled upon this... 

And they have sensible heel heights too. I especially enjoyed reading the comments. 

Although I still wonder about the purpose of capes. Of course they could be used as protection from the elements. Shade during hot months and coat during cold months. But really, that is stretching it a bit too far. I still think excess pieces of clothes and clothing restrict movements. (I have said the same thing about flying ribbons from hair and other excess pieces of clothing such as that thing extending several meters away from your "belt".) They may in all likelihood be used against the superhero. Imagine you getting away and landing six feet from your enemy, far enough for ordinary arms to reach, but since your cape is still flapping behind you, your enemy could just use it to grab you back. But originally in Superman, I think they were meant to convey movement, especially when he was flying.

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