Thursday, October 11, 2007

Alsa sa kaugalingong bangko. Bayanihan pud usahay.

I write and or scribble thoughts on pieces of paper, flyleaves of books, notebooks, etc. Sometimes I read these scribblings to my brother. He is my number one fan. He says I should submit them for publication. My older sister also thinks I am a good writer. She encourages me to enroll in creative writing.

I think they're good too. Subject-wise that is. Grammar-wise? They're absolute trash.

My brother says, "Nindot lagi kaayo ka mo narrate ug story. Ako lagi noh morag way chronological sense or whatever."

Even if I become very good with English grammar, I doubt if I will have to courage to submit those scribblings for publication. They're too personal. And some of them are satiric sketches of people I know.