Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Global environment

I always believed what books, documentaries, journals, magazines and experts tell me about this subject.

The massive deforestation in the Amazon is supposed to affect the quality of air all over the world. While the air pollution brought about by industrialization in the US and China raises global temperature.

Yet, some people still cut down a stand of trees for landscaping and beautification. When asked about its effect on the environment, their answers are as irresponsible and as illogical. They say that the amount of trees cut down do not have much effect because the remaining trees are producing more than enough oxygen for the community.

As if a square meter of ice melting in the Arctic only affects people in the Arctic or people living near the oceans and the seas.

As if this is still a world where one can still live without being the least bit dependent on something or someone outside the self.

It isn’t called global for nothing.