Sunday, January 24, 2010

It is time to express gratitude...

I had always written as if there was only my brother or my brother and an imaginary friend reading me. Even when Mr. Totanes and Ms. Gagatiga had put a link to my blog on their blogs, and the reader counter on this blog has shown a big increase in readership, I still maintained that I write for my brother alone. That way I could pretend that I am only boring my brother or the imaginary friend.

This blog was started as a way to expend utter boredom and maybe express some of the anger too but as Mr. Totanes made a special feature of two of my blogs, I thought maybe there is something here after all. Maybe I am giving voice not just to my own unique experiences but that of my fellow librarians’ too. And maybe this is one way to show the world that librarians are no longer the stereotypical bunch of boring and dumb professionals but in fact are very creative and intelligent.

During these last two months the blog counter still continues to rise even when I am not blogging anything new anymore. So to my readers, thank you. I hope you had learned something from this blog and I hope I am being truthful to the voice of the librarians, the thoughts of readers and the sentiments of lovers of books.

To Ms. Gagatiga, thank you for adding a link to my blog.

And to Mr. Totanes, my gratitude for hearing me and letting others hear me too.